Best Hill Station in India to Visit in Winter

" There are many other hill stations in India where winter can be spent, but the above locations are the most attractive locations where spending winter would be amazing and fun. "

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The view from the top will always look great! Yes, that is why a lot of people are trying to climb Everest and other higher peaks. In that essence, hill stations are a blessing to those who are not hard enough to conquer heights like Mount Everest but can experience the vivid feeling of such climate and internal happiness. Hill station

tours are not only designed for newly married couples, but also the college groups and other trekking communities. Let us discuss some of the amazing hill stations in India and their touring specialties.

Shimla Hill Station

Located in Himachal Pradesh, it was the British Capital of India; and at present, it is considered as the Official Retreat Building for the President of India. With its subtropical climate and its high altitude, it provides a cool climate during winters and mild warm climate during the summer. The Oak and pine trees and its ardent snowfall provide a heaven look. Perfect fit for the honeymoon couples!

Srinagar, J&K

A kind reminder for those who look Kashmir as a terror engulfed state; Kashmir is beyond our negative viewpoints. Kashmir has its geographical indication for the apples and the saffron. The Dal Lake is one of the most serene freshwater lakes in India. The mild snowfall and affluent scenery just attract tourists every year.

Kulu and Manali, Himachal Pradesh

It is one of the well-known hill stations of all time. Most of the romantic songs in the Indian cinema are taken at this location. Apart from that, the skiing centre and Ice skating areas are one of the attractive areas. Skaters from various parts of the world practice skating and show off their skills. It is more of a socializing arena, fun-tastic and amazing hill stations of all time. Moreover, the rugged road path provides a challenge to the bike riders.

Munnar, Kerala

Considered as the hill station paradise, Munnar is one of the exotic hill stations that anyone would have travelled. It has a moderated climate during winter and slightly warm temperature during summer. The tea plantations and the rich flora is one of the wide attractions. 

Ooty, TamilNadu

Ooty, also defined as the queen of hills of TamilNadu, 105 km from Coimbatore is the most preferred hill station among south India. Mostly, honeymoon couples and the college students come here to cherish the scenic beauty. Every December, the flower garden and the Government Botanical garden inspire a wide number of tourists and researchers.


“The lake forest” has also been termed widely as the “Ooty-for-the-poor.” It is well acquainted for the college students and friends’ community to have some joy and to click some selfies. The environment is covered by lush greenery and the orange groves and spice plantations are economically viable. The spices are transported to nearby states and even exported to some foreign countries.

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